Sunday, 8 April 2007

New use for the PS3......

I'm all for new technology, but I've been hacked off with Sony of late, as my fellow colleague states 'Evil Sony'. The
PS3 has been on sale now for a couple of weeks...and it still seems they can't shift the damn things. Sony are saying that it's been the best launch for a games console ever! I think the reason for this is that the other big players - Nintendo (Wii) and Microsoft (360) only managed to give retailers a set order amount - which they soon full filled, had these other two had more products available i think it would have been a very different story.

The other day a few mates where coming round for a few beers, and to watch the football. I thought it would be good idea to get a Wii to fill in the gaps (Before and after football), well my search for one of these little treasures seemed fruitless! there were out of stock every where even though they went on general sale in December!! There's even been a website set-up to track in-stock consoles. On my crusade for this exclusive little console I popped into Virgin, asking if they had any in stock, the guy behind the counter said they had sold there entire weeks allocation in 45 mins. They don't tell anyone when they get them in, it's strictly first come first....When I asked if there were any PS3's available he said they had loads in fact they had made a sort of desperate display behind the counter, it was reminiscent of the offers they have at the end of shopping market aisles - when stores want to shift 'hard to sell' stock

The picture above which is complete genius is from this website

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

How far would you go for £5,000?.....

At work today; Everyone's had the discussion which starts with 'How much would you have to be paid to.........?'
..... needless to say that discussion soon got filthy, anyway someone threw into the pot "How much would you have to be paid to let another bloke do you in the rear end?' there were a few answers of a million + etc, until Hotphil announced he would quite happily take it up the wrong' un for 5k. £5,000 I hear you ask, well that was exactly what I said. Anyway, we have all been ripping into Phil all day, he's had ample oppertunity to retract his statement, but he seems quite happy with his fixed 5k price tag. Although he draws a line at; Spooning, kissing, and definitely no double penetration!

Friday, 16 February 2007

Judge Judy....

I have been on Holiday for the most of this week, as I have had to use the remainder of my Holiday before they get consumed into the big Human Resources 'Black Hole' and Some family were due to be coming down from Edinburgh, but couldn't make it :-(.
Anyway I've practically been doing sod all!! Apart from a short (Very short) trip into Chesterfield and some food shopping etc, but the time off has allowed me to catch up with the drivel they display on 'The Box' during the daytime. Anyway there is always one show I have time for and that's 'Judge Judy' - The Iron Lady 2!! Judge Judy rules - she takes no crap and completely tears into the majority of the trailer park, mullet sporting, slack jawed cretins they have on the show, anyway while sitting down watching the show it got me thinking - ' Why can't Britain have a show like this ?'

My personal ideas on the show would follow the below criteria,

Same platform as Judge Judy, but with slight tweaks....

I) The show would have all types of crimes (not just petty like in Judge Judy) From Theft to Murder.

II) At the end of the show when the defendant has been (IF) found guilty, there should be a phone vote (like x factor) for the best punishment i.e : Being flogged with a cat of nine tails, Cattle Prodded, incarcerated etc.

Channel 4 should host the programme as they not shy of a bit of controversy....Although if it was Channel 5 everyone would be naked and Judge Judy would be having sex with that big black security guard, who passes her the defendants papers etc (see below pic lol)

Thursday, 1 February 2007

The Big Dog (AKA Hot Phil, Phil Kingston) doesn't do things by half’s these days....

As I was sat down at work yesterday morning I heard the occasional rustle then a rapid succession of crunching sounds, followed by a random "yeahhh" I was quite intrigued so I turned round and there was the Big Dog hoovering his way through a family pack of bar b q flavoured Doritos. The Big Dog has thrown his cautions to the wind, and is hell bent on achieving his 'a bag of crisps a day keeps the Doctor away 'philosophy. I have attached an image of the demolished bag of Phil’s so called 'mid-morning savoury snack'.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Darn Sarf

We landed in foggy and dismal Paignton at about 11.00 ish On Thursday morning, after setting off at 5am in the morning. The M1 had been a complete nightmare pretty much all the time we were on it! Britain had been batterd by the worst storm in 17 years and we seemed to be in the middle of it as we where chugging our way south.

Paignton I'm glad to say isn't a 'Dying town', but a perky little coastal resort. The beach is quite nice and they also have a nice small harbour.

On Friday we hit Torquay (only 10 mins away) for a nice meal then to sample the 'January night life' We had opted to go for a Mexican as this seemed to have the best reviews by everyone attending. The meal was Ok, well theres only so many things you can do with those stupid Tortilla things. I'm sure if you were to go and sample real Mexican cuisine (in Mexico) then it wouldn't be at all like the stuff they serve over here. Anyway the food was ok (edible)... I would have gone for Italian if it was my decision, Italians can be funny at the best of times, but there food is some of the best in the world.

Anyway the night was a sucess - Lots of Tortillas,Chimmichangas and 'Sol's' later!!

Saturday was pretty un-eventfull we just chilled, and played a music quiz game called 'Buzz' on the PS2, Which Em seemed to get highly competitive about!!

Sunday - I had been waiting for this all weekend we where going to the ZOO!!
Em's nephew Jamie (2yrs old) seemed no where near as excited as I was!!

It was brilliant, if anyone is in the Devon area in the future make sure you give this place a try, it's a really nice Zoo. I'm going to set-up a flckr account in the near future, so you can see the pics.